Hello, I’m Jason and I am running for Redmond City Council Position #6.

I am the proud husband of Denice and father of Ava and Dylan. I have called Redmond home for more than 20 years and currently reside in the Education Hill neighborhood. Our daughter Ava will be starting at Norman Rockwell in September and our son Dylan is attending Montessori Children’s House in Redmond. My wife, Denice, is a local small business owner.

I came to Redmond out of college at the University of California at San Diego and have been a long-time Software Engineer at Microsoft.

My goal in running for City Council is to represent our shared concerns about traffic congestion, public safety, and community cohesiveness.

I am stranded in the same overwhelming traffic congestion that you are. I have watched as the congestion has gotten progressively worse (and never better) over the years. Now, with never-ending construction projects, we are struggling with gridlocked traffic, resulting in hour long daily commutes.

I see the increased crime that you read about – the onslaught of car prowlings and credit card and identity thefts. Recently, our community has been shamed by the tragic and recurring vandalisms in our places of worship. With a family, I am especially concerned about the inability to feel safe in our public trails and community centers and libraries.

I see substandard solutions for dealing with increased growth and lack of affordable housing. The revitalization of the downtown area is bringing problems that our current Council should have foreseen – for example parking problems, congested traffic, over-full Park & Rides and sky-high rent and mortgage prices. The increase of homeless encampments (“tent cities”) in our neighborhoods through one-off permitting changes is adding an additional strain to our community’s resources. Meanwhile, the City is spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on revitalizing the community pool and who knows how many millions on a new community center.

And I see a level of partisan politics entering City government that has no place being there.

In the past two elections, all Redmond City Council positions were filled by candidates that ran unopposed. Win or lose – I am excited to see competitive races in each of the three seats up for election this year. It is invigorating to see that so many community members care so deeply about this great City. The election process will help bring a much-needed change to our Redmond City Council.

Please take a look at my site to learn more about me – and don’t hesitate to reach out at jason@jasonforredmond.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– Jason.